"Safe and reliable transportation of chemicals in tank trucks"
The TransChem Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide our customers with a single source solution to all their transportation and logistics requirements. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, and creating value in our relationships, by providing superior service at a competitive price.
  Scope of Operations
  • With our network of over 60 carriers, we can serve as a single source for transportation services all over the United States and Canada.

  • Our large network provides access to a wide range of equipment types, including compartmented trailers, acid trailers, dry bulk trailers, vans, and flat beds.

  • Multiple plant sites can be coordinated through one source, instead of different carriers for each plant.

Why You Should Use



  Scope of Operations

  Simplified Logistics


  • 24 years of experience with tank trucks.

  • Familiarity with a wide range of products.

  • Knowledge about varied types of equipment.

  • Understanding of the strict safety and service requirements involved transporting chemicals.

  Simplified Logistics
  • One call and your shipment is "booked". No more wasting time and telephone calls to several carriers to find a unit for your shipment.

  • Inbound and outbound traffic can be handled through one source.

  • With our access to the resources of the industry, it will be a rare occasion when we are "out of equipment".

  • With our access to the resources of the industry, we can generally offer better pricing than traditional "headhaul" rates, without sacrificing service.

  • With our consistant, flat rate pricing, your profit margin doesn't fluctuate, depending on which carrier you use.

  • We offer Prompt Payment Discounts of 1% 10, Net 30 to customers that prefer this concept.

TransChem Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 148, Millersburg, OH 44654

Questions or Comments about our Services?
Please e-mail us at:   info@transchm.com

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